[TYPO3-english] Question about extension vs FCE

Zachary Davis, Cast Iron Coding LLC zach at castironcoding.com
Thu Nov 4 14:16:14 CET 2010

Hi Doug,

Yes, an FCE can't do any kind of query. And FCE is basically a custom 
content element; something that you would place in a specific spot on a 
specific page (although you could place it in specific spots on multiple 
pages). In this regard, an FCE behaves similarly to a regular TYPO3 
content element such as a "text" element.

If you wanted to list records dynamically, you'd most likely need to use 
a plug-in (which is a subset of TYPO3 extensions in general).


On 11/3/10 1:02 PM, Bonneville, Douglas wrote:
> Hi Kay: Thanks for the response.
> If I have a FCE with a field called "myColor", it seems that, according
> to the Typo3 book, and I can't query the FCE to select records based on
> the field "myColor" because it's really stored in XML and is a kind of
> "trick", to put it as the book puts it.
> If in my example I need to sort records for output based on "myColor", a
> FCE would not support this, correct? I would therefore need either 1) my
> own extension or 2) an extension an existing extension like tt_news
> which uses fields.
> Does that sound right? I'm really trying to get my head around this!
> Doug

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