[TYPO3-english] Mail not sent with SAFE_MODE enabled in TYPO3 4.4

Boris Gulay boris at boressoft.ru
Wed Nov 3 11:14:03 CET 2010

After upgrading to branch 4 of TYPO3 (from 4.3) I found that mail from
TYPO3 is not sent any more. Some of my extensions are using htmlmail and
none of them is able to send messages: function sendTheMail always returns
false. I'm unable to send mail even from InstallTool.

I'm using TYPO3 4.4.4 on PHP 5.2.11 as FastCGI with nginx 0.8.52. Safe
mode is enabled.

After some investigation I found where the problem is. In branch 4
htmlmail does not call PHP mail function directly anymore, instead it uses
new function in new class t3lib_utility_Mail::mail (there was no such class
in branch 3). Inside it PHP mail function is called, always with 5
arguments, even if safe mode is on (in this case null is passed as last
But, in safe mode, PHP raises warning (see below) and mail function
returns false if you call mail function with 5 arguments, not regarding to
what is passed as as last parameter. In safe mode mail MUST NOT be called
with 5 arguments!

Here is a message PHP raises when mail is called with 5 arguments in safe
"Warning: mail(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect.  The fifth parameter is
disabled in SAFE MODE in Command line code on line 1"

I've posted a bug to tracking system -
http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=16231. Patch is attached to the bug

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