[TYPO3-english] Typo3 4.3.0 Cannot access website tree list for editing

Nate Jennings nate at jenningsplanet.com
Wed Nov 3 15:12:20 CET 2010

I am having an problem accessing my typo3 managed website to edit content.

I use Typo3 4.3.0 which is on a hosted server that I pay for (domain
www.jenningsplanet.com).  I mostly use Firefox 3.6.12 to access the Typo3
content, but I also can use IE8.

I don't edit my content that much, but I have recently had this following

I login to the Typo3 through the standard backend login (username and

I do see the left side of options (such as list, view, page, etc), but when
I click on List, which I normally do to see my content tree for editing, the
browser attempts to contact my website and then times out.

If I close the browser and open it back up to login again, the Typo3 content
manager is not accessed.

I have done a cntrl F5, I have cleared out cookies.

When I do a tracert on my domain, the travel path hangs at the last IP point
and thus confirms my inability to access my sites content. Trying to access
my website through another browser does not work.  When I try FTP, the
domain name cannot be resolved, so I can't see my directory structure
through FTP.  I have confirmed this problem by physically sitting at
different locations (such as a coffee shop or other wifi spot) with the same
kind of problem.  The only way I can access my website is by unplugging my
wireless router and DSL modem, waiting about 20-30 seconds and
reconnecting.  After I do this, I can get past the login screen, but still
cannot access my TYpo3 content manager content.  I am not sure why trying to
log in to my Typo3 account to edit my web content would cause me to not be
able to just see my website or access it through an FTP connection.  I do
not have any other problem accessing other webpages or content from the

I searched through the bug list and saw some potential postings, but I was
not clear if my problem was related or if it was an official bug and if it
has been fixed or not.

My web host has PHP, and Apache.
My brother installed Typo3 for me and put 4.3.0 on about a year ago.  I had
been able to edit content without problem about 4 months ago.  I first
noticed this problem in August and contacted my ISP and was able to solve my
problem by unplugging my router and modem and reconnecting.  This time, I
have been unable to access my Typo3 content when I am at home (using my
wireless router) or through other wifi locations.

I have not done any admin type activities using Typo3, so I am not sure
where to look or how to trouble shoot my issue.

I appreciate any help or direction, such as bug postings and a description
of any fixes that have been posted.  If there are fixes, I would like to
know how to actually install the bug fix if my Typo3 is on a hosted web

Thank you.  I appreciate the help.


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