[TYPO3-english] Help with RealURL

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Fri Jan 29 08:23:29 CET 2010


> I downloaded and installed RealURL (latest) on a Typo3 4.2.11 (really
> can't go on 4.3 for now). I followed the documentation on setting
> RealURL to make it work (somewhat simple). But the result is far from
> what I would need.

... meaning you did not read documentation carefully enough...

> At first, the backend work as crap. When I click on a page, instead of
> showing me the page editor, I see the page preview (on the right pane).

RealURL does not change URL at all while in backend. Are you sure your .htaccess for Apache was not modified without understanding what was there? The one _.htaccess shipped with TYPO3 is normally 
just fine for most common use cases and don't need to be touched except by renaming it to make it visible to Apache.

> And on the real life, it's even worst. I can see that RealURL is doing
> it's job in translating the links, but it always shows the first page.
> In fact, while writing this page, I realize that what seem to be wrong
> would be more Apache than RealURL.
> Can someone guide me through the steps to solve this? I'm out of ideas.

I would suggest to solve the backend problem as you certainly made something wrong. And then to go through the documentation (more) carefully again. There's nearly nothing to do to make RealURL work, 
you certainly overread a part of the documentation with your enthusiasm having pretty real URL for your website ;-)

Xavier Perseguers

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