[TYPO3-english] Combining sr_feuser_register with tx_addressgroups

Michael Lykke lykke at hujelauget.dk
Wed Jan 27 00:31:43 CET 2010

Hi list

I'm using sr_feuser_register and directmail and I would like my users to be
able to register with some additional info, like what kind of music do they
like, what kind of games do they play and so on and so on. In other words,
I'd like to nest my DirectMail categories into main categories and sub

With tx_addressgroups it is possible to nest groups/categories but then I
cannot let my users check which category they want to belong to.

Is there some way to do this - perhaps with another extension?


And, if I should succeed with above mentioned task, is it possible for other
front end users to search the address list by means of filtering their way
to the desired user, like: I'd like to find other users who also like to
play MMRPGs while listening to heavy metal, so I check those boxes and click


Best regards,


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