[TYPO3-english] indexed_search searchresults title encoding problem

G.Unger skyfreak1 at gmx.net
Tue Jan 26 15:12:38 CET 2010

hello list

I found a lot about

The standard TYPO3 search functions displays   entities in the 
search result.
This will fix the problem and display the   entity as a space.

tt_content.search.20.renderObj.20.stdWrap.HTMLparser = 1
tt_content.search.20.renderObj.20.stdWrap.HTMLparser.htmlSpecialChars = -1

but I cannot apply it to the headline of the searchresults :(

I do have a normal ampersand (&) in a title of a page, menus are 
rendered fine, but the searchresult displays &

whatever I tried and looked up in the objectbrowser doesnt seem to 
apply in frontend :(

anybody the correct TS object to address to? IMHO it shoud be

tt_content.search.20.renderObj.10.stdWrap.HTMLparser = 1
tt_content.search.20.renderObj.10.stdWrap.HTMLparser.htmlSpecialChars = -1

as the renderObj .10 should apply to the linked headline ... correct?
but it doesnt work.


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