[TYPO3-english] fresh install

Mark Smith typo3org at awayand.sleepmail.com
Sat Jan 23 21:14:59 CET 2010

> Open this file in editor and add/replace these variables with correct 
> values:
> $typo_db_username = 'correct_db_username';
> $typo_db_host = 'localhost'; // most probably localhost but change if 
> required, maybe your host requires other domain?
> $typo_db_password = 'correct_db_password';
> $typo_db = 'existing_database_name';

I did that, thanks for the advice. Is there a bug I should submit to
typo, what do you think? Now what do I do in order to login to my
backend? I have created an empty database, but I assume I need to
somehow get the basic database structure into typo3 and create an admin
user. The database user I have created does not let me login. Any
recommended way of doing this? Or just download one of the outdated
quickstart tars and try to frickle with those to get a database up and

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