[TYPO3-english] Hide tabs on certain page type

Peter Klein pmk at io.dk
Fri Jan 22 20:23:36 CET 2010

It can be used with any field configured as "type" in TCA (Those are BE 
fields that prompts you to refresh the form)
So you could use it for tables like tt_news which also has a "type" field.

Do disable the complete "Access" tab on the shortcut page only, you disable 
all the fields in that Tab:

TCEFORM.pages {
# 4 is the num. value for the type used for shortcut pages
 starttime.types.4.disabled = 1
 endtime.types.4.disabled = 1
 fe_group.types.4.disabled = 1
 extendToSubpages.types.4.disabled = 1

Peter Klein / Clio Online

"Tyler Kraft" <tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk> wrote in message 
news:mailman.1.1264164536.17814.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org...
> Hi
>> Normally I don't see an author field in shortcut pages :-)
> It was just a quick example ;-)
>> I tried TCEFORM.pages.starttime.types.4.disabled = 1 and on shortcut 
>> pages the start-field on the Access tab disappeared!
> It does - I've looked for this same way to do that for a long time. I 
> think the explanation is quite unclear
> "TCEFORM.[tablename].[field].types.[type] - configures the field in 
> TCEFORM in case the 'type'-value of the field matches type."
>  as where it reads "'type'-value of the field matches type." I always 
> assumed it was referring to the [type]. Perhaps it should be changed to 
> read something along the lines of
> "TCEFORM.[tablename].[field].types.[type] - configures the field in 
> TCEFORM in case the 'type'-value of the doktype field matches type."
> Or can it be used in other ways that with just the doktype? Thoughts? 

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