[TYPO3-english] Caching Framework

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu Jan 21 11:14:46 CET 2010

>> so it is better to keep the old one in place until performance is
>> getting much better.
> Not exactly.. unless you need the caching framework to cache anywhere
> else than in DB - memcache for example, which should compensate the
> overhead added by the new framework.

Again not exactly - Mattes, Rupi and me had a "performance session" last
year and did a lot of testing with and without the caching framework. The
major performance loss of the caching framework is due to the fact that it
takes too much time until the "factory" collected the necessary classes and
constructed the framework itself. It waists a lot of time before it actually
starts what it's supposed to do: Deliver content from cache.

In many of the cases, the "old cache" had already delivered the content,
when the caching framework just finished "creating itself". This is what you
have to pay for "beautiful looking MVC" compared to "specialised

If we had a "cache for current variants of the caching framework" or maybe a
kind of compiler instead of creating the framework at each(!) request, these
performance issues might be no problem anymore.



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