[TYPO3-english] Send mail true FORM Object with Typoscript not working

Idar Creative mail at idar.nl
Wed Jan 20 17:17:38 CET 2010

Dear List,

We want to create a simple "call me" mailform with/in Typoscript, where 
customers can enter their phone number and submit.
We've created a simple Typoscript object but the mail is NOT send! Systems: 
4.3.1 , php 5.2.5, (Templavoilla 1.4.1)

#------------ test script start ------------
temp.callback = FORM
temp.callback.data = Phone Number|*input,40 || |formtype_mail=submit|Send me 
|| |subject=hidden|Please call me back!
temp.callback.recipient = mail at idar.nl
temp.callback.formName = mailform2
temp.callback.formId = mailform2
temp.callback.layout = ###FIELD###
temp.callback.locationData = 1
temp.callback.REQ = 1
temp.callback.REQ.layout = ###FIELD###

#page.10 < temp.callback
lib.callback >
lib.callback  < temp.callback
#------------test script end  ------------

4 issues to keep in mind when writing an answer!

1) test mail in Install mode works!
2) A normal mailform as Content Element  in a page works also!

3)  The objects works fine when I attach the Temp Typoscript Object to 
"page.10" (see example above)
But when I attached the Temp Typoscript Object  to "lib.callback" it won't 
work.I can see the form, but the mail will not be delivered!
lib.callback  < temp.callback (won't work)
page.10 < temp.callback (works)

The following default settings are saved in the Install Tool:
[FE][strictFormmail] = 1
[FE][secureFormmail] = 1

How can get this FORM working without major security issues  :)

- Both Formmail security :  [FE][strictFormmail] = 1 and 
[FE][secureFormmail] = 1 needs to stay like ON!

That's all folks :),

Idar Sprock

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