[TYPO3-english] FE file management?

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Tue Jan 12 20:10:40 CET 2010

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Absender:   Morten Kjems
Datum:       12.01.2010 19:48:
> I am looking for a solution that makes it possible for frontend users to 
> share and edit documents in a project.
> If a user want to edit a document, he checks out that document. Now no 
> one else can edit this document before it is checked in again.
> Does a solution like this exist?

You want it for TYPO3? Other solutions might fit better. BUT... it can 
be done ;-)

dr_blob -> extend to frontend upload (we did that already for different 
projects depending on requirements) -> control download to disable if a 
user downloaded already (t.b.d)

dr_blob has the advantages that the files can either be stored in db or 
in filesystem or both. if stored in fs it should be outside the document 
root ;-)

If you have further questensions pls send PM.


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