[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch and safe_mode

Claudio Strizzolo claudio.strizzolo at ts.nogarb.ageinfn.it
Wed Jan 13 09:37:35 CET 2010

Hi all,
I'm trying to run mnogosearch on a Typo3 4.3.0 site where PHP safe_mode 
is on. Yes, I know it's deprecated, but at present I have no way to avoid 
The following warnings are appended to the Typo3 log when cli_mnogosearch 
is run by root through a cron job:

09:25:40		_cli_mnogosearch at LIVE		
[5]		 !		[5_0]		Core: Error handler (BE): 
PHP Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /.../
typo3conf/ext/mnogosearch/cli/cli_mnogosearch.php line 475
.		.		.		!		.		
Core: Error handler (BE): PHP Warning: file_put_contents(/tmp/
mnogosearch-6vRgqQ): failed to open stream: Success in /.../typo3conf/ext/
mnogosearch/cli/cli_mnogosearch.php line 419
.		.		.		!		.		
Core: Error handler (BE): PHP Warning: file_put_contents(): SAFE MODE 
Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 48 is not allowed to 
access /tmp/mnogosearch-6vRgqQ owned by uid 0 in /.../typo3conf/ext/

Does anybody know any hints to help me run cli_mnogosearch in safe_mode?
Thanks in advance,


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