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Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff vsbies at wp.pl
Sun Jan 10 21:16:28 CET 2010

2010-01-10 20:03, Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz wrote:
> Hi Marcus,

> I installed T3Blog, but, I would like to integrate the blog with the
> rest of the site, and don't find much information about this.

So maybe good solution will be using the T3BLOG widgets as a Content 
Elements on standard pages which is also possible and more flexible as 
you can mix blog and non-blog elements on every page.

> At the moment, I installed tt_news and commenting system (but I can't
> get comments working), and I think this could be a possible solution (i
> will try TIMTAB too).

OK, but be careful, both extensions requires lot of configuring and I 
personally think that's better option to concentrate on the only one, 
you can lost yourself between two, little bit diffrent concepts. (I did 
many times ;) )

>> Generally I would choose the T3BLOG
> Me too, but, as I said, needs to work "standalone", and I would like to
> integrate with the rest of my tests.

well, read above

>> One thing I need to say is: be brave ;]
> I'm trying to be brave :) but Typo3 is totally diferent from all I
> worked, and, well, is not too easy as I thought. I suppose TS is a
> powerfull piece of Typo3, but for the moment, I can't understand it yet.

Telling the truth I'd choose easier task for first contact with T3 then 
integrating the blog, however as I supose, you have no choice... Try to 
get closer with TSref documentation at the begining, it is used almost 
every day when creating any TYPO3 implemantation:


You won't regret :)

>> Good luck!
> I don't need luck, but a miracle :D
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