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Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz glpunzi at lordzealon.com
Sun Jan 10 20:03:05 CET 2010

Hi Marcus,

First of all, thanks for answer.

El 10/01/2010, a las 19:05, Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff escribió:

> W dniu 2010-01-10 12:18, Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz pisze:
>> As I can see, there are a lot of extensions for blogging, but, wich  
>> is a
>> good one to work with TV?
> ellou' Giuseppe, welcome on the list!
> There're two 'serious' blogging extensions for TYPO3 (btw. remember  
> that the using capitalics in the name is the official way), one it's  
> TIMTAB Weblog (ext:timtab) and second, much younger is T3BLOG  
> (ext:t3blog) and they both templates themselves (what is mean that  
> you don't need to use additional templating mechanism until you  
> don't need additional - non-blog - pages)
> TIMTAB is based on tt_news extension, and just adds to the common  
> news blogging features. That means that is required to install and  
> configure tt_news first.
> T3BLOG is standalone extension however it's little bit harder to  
> configure as it's based on the tons of TypoScript code

I installed T3Blog, but, I would like to integrate the blog with the  
rest of the site, and don't find much information about this.

At the moment, I installed tt_news and commenting system (but I can't  
get comments working), and I think this could be a possible solution  
(i will try TIMTAB too).

> Generally I would choose the T3BLOG as it's just newer and fresher  
> piece of code.

Me too, but, as I said, needs to work "standalone", and I would like  
to integrate with the rest of my tests.

> From my personal practice I can advice that's probably the best way  
> is to build a fragment of standart TYPO3 webservice in the main  
> domain and use the subdomain in the separate branch of the PageTree  
> for the blog (in both cases), however it's also possible (and quite  
> hard) to mix both resources into one part. All depends on your  
> needs...
> One thing I need to say is: be brave ;] altought TYPO3 is powerful  
> system some tasks require more of work as it's required to join  
> different types of content into one piece and joining the blog  
> functionality is (unfortuantely) quite right confirmation of my  
> words :/

I'm trying to be brave :) but Typo3 is totally diferent from all I  
worked, and, well, is not too easy as I thought. I suppose TS is a  
powerfull piece of Typo3, but for the moment, I can't understand it yet.

> Good luck!

I don't need luck, but a miracle :D

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz
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