[TYPO3-english] Saving pages in BE locks complete database

joachim rinck jorinck at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 17:00:13 CET 2010

hmm. sorry for not beeing very helpful but i wonder: how large are the
cache-tables? is it possible to test if clearing the entire cache
solves the problem temporarily (i'm not sure if it is a good idea to
test this while the system is under heavy load, but probably it can be
testet during no-load times using something like ab to generate load
artificially) - background: i'm upon the lookout for occasional BE
slowness when cache tables are large. it doesn't lock up the FE though
in this case and also it's the other caching (framwork).

2010/1/4 Christopher Lörken <lists at bytro.com>:
> Hi Dmitry and thanks for your answer. I'm well aware of InnoDB and your
> performance tweak blog post ;)
> InnoDB _is_ enabled on our server.
> The following tables are InnoDB:
> cache_hash
> cache_imagesizes
> cache_md5params
> cache_pages
> cache_pagesection
> cache_typo3temp_log
> fe_sessions
> fe_session_data
> sys_log
> What confuses me a bit know is that table cache_extensions is _not_ InnoDB.
> I am pretty sure though that we did not change any defaults.
> Can cache_extensions be the problem?
> If no, what else?
> Am 04.01.2010 18:57, schrieb Dmitry Dulepov:
>> Hi!
>> On 04/01/2010 17:52, Christopher Lörken wrote:
>>> we have the problem that saving anything like pages or page content in
>>> the backend oftentimes results in complete database deadlocks. This
>>> happens very reproducible when the page is under a load like 40-50
>>> requests per second.
>> That's why some tables are defined as InnoDB :) Enable InnoDB on your
>> MySQL host! It is not there just for fun, it is for a reason!
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