[TYPO3-english] working offline

Stefano Kowalke blueduck at gmx.net
Sun Feb 28 01:44:24 CET 2010

Am 27.02.10 01:01, schrieb Charles Lewis:
> Is there a way to copy a typo3 website to a laptop, make changes offline, and then synchronize your changes once you get back online?

You could use GIT for such workflow. Build a repository at you local
machine, import the local T3 installation into it.

Make a copy of this repo and put it to your server. This repo must be a
--bare repo. Then pull the content to the webfolder.

     --bare project.git
     /              \
    /                \
   push               pull
  /                    \
local                  webfolder
 .git                   .git
 workingcopy            working copy

Now, you could make some changes on the installation at your local
machine, commit it to you local git repo and if you are online once,
push the changes to the server and pulling the changes into the online
working copy.
You could automated the pulling by using hooks.

This is a very raw overview. Please have a look to the links.


[2] http://git-scm.com/
[3] http://toolmantim.com/thoughts/setting_up_a_new_remote_git_repository
[4] http://progit.org/

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