[TYPO3-english] Powermail is not working correctly

Justin jvanoel at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 01:36:35 CET 2010

Hi List,

I have some problems with the EXT: Powermail.

Question 1: If someone enter the form not completly you get a message: 
This fields must be filled: *******

That's going great, but on that page you have a back button, but when i 
click that backbutton nothing happends, the page reloads or something. I 
have tried to turn on and off some features at the extension but nothing 

Ths is the HTML of the back button:
<input type="submit" class="tx-powermail-pi1_mandatory_submit" value="Ga 
terug naar het formulier"/>

That looks good right?

Question 2: Powermail is not working correctly at all..
- Validation is not working correctly, no javascript validation but when 
i set the email field that it must be validated as a e-mailaddress it 
just send the form when i enter "asdasd", so the validation is not 
working, but there are no loaded javascripts of Powermail, i added them 
by myself but that doesn't work too.

I hop you guys can help me because i really want to use Powermail, i 
used it before on other websites but this time it's really broken or 

Typo3 version: 4.3.2
Powermail version: 1.5.3
And i have no other extensions enabled.

So many thanks for any solution!

Kind Regards,


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