[TYPO3-english] Back-end module "pages" still rendered with tables

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Fri Feb 26 02:11:14 CET 2010

>> Are there any plans to refactor the pages module with divs someday
>> or is it absolutely nonsense to you?
>> If yes, i volunteer to contribute ;-)
> look here ... http://forge.typo3.org/wiki/hci/Grid_View
> but I don't know of anybody is still working on it ... it might be a
> good start to contribute :)

This is currently tested as an extension within a live project and will be
released soon together with some additional features that are not mentioned
in the wiki. So check out the TER from time to time for the codename

But of course this is not about removing tables in favor of divs, since it's
based on the current page module.
And a grid is nothing else but - guess what - a table :-) - it cointains
columns and rows and different colspans and rowspans, so a table definitely
is the way to go in this case.

IMO there's no real need for a tableless backend at all. If you take closer
look for example at the extJS interface components, which will make a major
part of the BE in T3 4.4+, you will notice that they do use lots of nested
tables as well, because they make the look and feel cross browser compatible
much more easily.

If it's just about skinning, this will work pretty well even with table
based HTML code, especially because hardcoded styles and images will be
completely stripped from the code. But this was the goal of another T3UXW09



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