[TYPO3-english] CoolURI and standard search

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Wed Feb 24 21:36:56 CET 2010


well, CoolURI creates the link in the form and since the data are send 
using post, it doesn't interfere with them.

> Being called, the default German search form appears as defined under
> example.com/suche.html, the English version under
> example.com/en/search.html. However, the German form never shows query
> results, while the English does as desired, but: The English query
> results appear under example.com/en/suche.html, so, as if it was the
> German search form ...? As I just saw, I have not defined search target
> pages in the definitions of these content elements, may that be a
> reason?

That doesn't sound like CoolURI was responsible. If it didn't work at 
all, I'd understand, but this way... I don't know.

> Why does the German form not work, and why is the English version
> working, though calling the "wrong" action "en/suche.html" (as though
> may be expected looking at the 'value="L0"'-parameter)?
> Among the "Cached links", there also appears the English query result as
> "en/suche" with parameters "L=1&id=67&no_cache=1". The German form only
> is listed as "suche" with id=67.

Try to delete the link cache.

I remember someone having such issue and the reason was that he didn't 
install the extension properly, he didn't submit the settings, saying 
that "L" is the language var and then pages were not translated. I don't 
remember whether I fixed it. So try to reinstall.

Jan Bednarik
www.bednarik.org - web about Typo3 in czech

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