[TYPO3-english] Indexed search and frontend usergroups

Bartbogdan bdubelaar at sundayafternoon.nl
Tue Feb 23 16:39:24 CET 2010

Op 2010-02-23 11:52:15 +0100, zei Peter Russ <peter.russ at 4many.net>:

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> Absender:   Bartbogdan
> Datum:       23.02.2010 11:31:
>> Op 2010-02-22 12:33:06 +0100, zei Peter Russ <peter.russ at 4many.net>:
>> So I think I would have to extend indexed search then. But I find it 
>> strange that users do not run into this problem more often. Or does 
>> noone use indexed search? If so, are there better search solutions that 
>> are easy to install and do not need extra server software?
> I once adapted indexed_search for customers to make crawling and search 
> more efficient.
> Limitations:
> 1) Access rights on page level NOT on CE level, i.e. if a group is 
> allowed to see a page ALL content elements on the page has to be 
> accessable for the group.
> 2) if a page is accessable for a subgroup search results search will be 
> shown for all groups containing this subgroup. This reduced the 
> required groups settings for the crawler.
> If I have time I will publish feature request & patch in 
> bugs.typo3.org. Will take about 1 week.
> Regs. Peter.

Hi Peter,

If you could find the time to post your patch then that would be helpful.

Best regards,


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