[TYPO3-english] Using domains per language instead of L var

Henjo Hoeksma hphoeksma at stylence.nl
Thu Feb 18 12:35:30 CET 2010

On 2010-02-18 12:32:39 +0100, JoH asenau said:

>> I am wondering if it would be possible to have a situation like this
>> be possible using RealURL:
>> - using conditions to change the base URL based on the L var
>> - after that get rid of the L var in the URL
> In this case you won't need any L var at all. So no need to get rid of it
> ;-)
>> For example:
>> www.domain.com will be default english
>> www.domain.nl will be a dutch version
>> Url's would look like:
>> www.domain.com/products/
>> www.domain.nl/produkten/ (instead of www.domain.nl/nl/produkten !)
>> Any clue's on how to accomplish this?
> AFAIK there is an option to do that with new realURL versions.
> But you can get it easily even for older versions by putting a switch based
> on the HTTP_HOST variable before the realURL code.
> This switch will then set the $_GET['L'] variable "virtually" to the correct
> sys_language_uid. - So realURL will still "think" there is an L parameter,
> while the rest of the system doesn't know about it.
> In your TS code you can do the switch with a simple condition based on the
> HTTP_HOST instead of L.
> Joey

Hi Joey,

thanks. That should work!


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