[TYPO3-english] Using domains per language instead of L var

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu Feb 18 12:32:39 CET 2010

> I am wondering if it would be possible to have a situation like this
> be possible using RealURL:
> - using conditions to change the base URL based on the L var
> - after that get rid of the L var in the URL

In this case you won't need any L var at all. So no need to get rid of it

> For example:
> www.domain.com will be default english
> www.domain.nl will be a dutch version
> Url's would look like:
> www.domain.com/products/
> www.domain.nl/produkten/ (instead of www.domain.nl/nl/produkten !)
> Any clue's on how to accomplish this?

AFAIK there is an option to do that with new realURL versions.

But you can get it easily even for older versions by putting a switch based
on the HTTP_HOST variable before the realURL code.

This switch will then set the $_GET['L'] variable "virtually" to the correct
sys_language_uid. - So realURL will still "think" there is an L parameter,
while the rest of the system doesn't know about it.

In your TS code you can do the switch with a simple condition based on the
HTTP_HOST instead of L.



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