[TYPO3-english] localization for RTE.classesAnchor configuration

Raymond Irwin raymond.irwin at freenet.de
Mon Feb 15 18:32:18 CET 2010

Hi List,

Has anyone managed to get localization for RTE.classesAnchor settings 
working with Typo3 4.3.1?

The default RTE configuration, e.g has the setting:

RTE.classesAnchor.titleText = 

I would assume that the according language text would be taken from the 
locallang.xml array depending on the which page language an editor is 
working on. But this seems to have no effect at all.

I looked all over the place and noone seems to have this problem.
I'm pretty sure I got all language configuration settings right as 
everything else regarding language is working fine.

Plus I checked all of my other multilanguage typo3 sites and discovered 
that this never worked even in older versions of Typo3 and RTE.

I am suspecting this is a bug but am not yet sure about that.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.


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