[TYPO3-english] problem with date2cal and date generation

jochem nabuurs jochem at roquin.nl
Thu Feb 11 10:39:58 CET 2010

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply. The workaround was known to me but I'd like the 
datetranslation to be shown under the date field.

I understand that the fix might be an option. I've never used SVN before 
so I was wondering how I can utilize it (which files to download, etc.)

I've been looking on the url below: 

Is it sufficient to copy the files listed there and overwrite the old 
ones with these files?

Thanks in advance.

Jochem Nabuurs

Stefan Galinski wrote:
> jochem nabuurs wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm having a problem with date2cal version 7.3.x and date generation in
>> the backend. I'm using the dutch notation. When setting a date (f.e. for
>> showing a CE in the future, and the day number is lower than the month
>> number, the day and month are switched. So november 4th (04-11-2010) is
>> shown as 11-04-2010 which corresponds to april 11th in dutch date
>> notation. I've tried setting the date notation in TCA through the
>> installmanager:
> Hi Jochem,
> The problem should be fixed in SVN trunk. Unfortunatly I haven't found some 
> time to test that fix carefully and nobody didn't want to test it out yet. 
> Currently I think that a new release can be finished in some weeks. Just 
> wait or use the SVN version and report me if the fix works for you. :-)

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