[TYPO3-english] Can I make usernames case-insensitive for felogin?

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Thu Feb 11 09:58:19 CET 2010


> I think it would be a great usability improvement to add
> case-insensitive usernames as an option. It looks like the actual
> username check doesn't happen in the extension felogin (or did I miss
> something?). Some pointers for where to look in the code are welcome.

First of all it may depend on client code. I don't know how you 
configured your FE login but show source of your BE login form. If you 
have superchallenge activated, you'll see this:

function doChallengeResponse(superchallenged) {	//
		password = document.loginform.p_field.value;
		if (password)	{
			if (superchallenged)	{
				password = MD5(password);	// this makes it superchallenged!!
			str = 
			document.loginform.userident.value = MD5(str);
			document.loginform.p_field.value = "";
			return true;

Meaning the username the user typed will be used to compute a MD5 hash 
with the password. If you ever want to have a case-insensitive username, 
you'll certainly want to change this code and force lowercase in the 
hash computation.

Same thing happens in auth service (search for it in Core) or have a 
look at existing extensions that provide authentication services. This 
will direct you to where the authentication process is actually taking 


Xavier Perseguers

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