[TYPO3-english] SSO + kerberos

Ralf Hettinger ng at ralfhettinger.de
Wed Feb 10 13:07:44 CET 2010

Hi Mauro.

Am 10.02.2010 11:41 schrieb Mauro Lorenzutti:
> The problem is that sometimes apache stops to provide the page to the
> browser. It's completely random: at a point, when we click on a link,
> apache doesn't reply with the result page. We have to do a reload of
> apache and then it starts to work correctly again.
> Did you experience the same problem?

Before using libapache2-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind, we gave AuthenNTLM a try
and got into situations, where the Perl module wouldn't release the lock
properly or in a timely manner, which would result in a not responding
Apache sometimes (sounds familar). Parameter tuning AuthenNTLM resulted
in Apache requests not being authenticated properly - which way are you
using to enable Apache to "speak NTLM"?
AuthenNTLM didn't seem to be as stable and reliable as the
libapache2-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind solution, so we switched. Just to
encounter slow AUTH connects, which seem to happen pretty randomly as well.

Eventually and imo it turns out that using NTLM+Apache is not the plain
simple and just be happy solution as it first seemed :(

Not using NTLM, Kerberos seems to be the best alternative to me, too...
oh well. I shall let you know.

> We didn't experience any
> performance problem but this problem is even worse :-(



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