[TYPO3-english] OpenID users: did you have login problems?

Steffen Kamper ks at dislabs.de
Tue Feb 9 11:32:06 CET 2010


Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi guys!
> I am researching random OpenID login problems. Usually login succeedes 
> but sometimes fails. TYPO3 shows "session timeout" message in case of 
> failure. Notice that error message is not a default "login failed" but a 
> "session time". This is a very important sympthom! The OpenID server in 
> use is SimpleID versions from 0.6.0 to 0.7.1.
> Did anyone else experience such random login problems when using TYPO3 
> OpenID with any server software? Even if you didn't, please, reply to 
> this thread and say "all is ok". If you did, please, describe how you 
> fought it. This will help me to find out if it is a error in the library 
> we use inside TYPO3 or it is a error on the server side.
> Thanks in advance for your help to TYPO3!

indeed i have problems with openid.org. But this is new, when i tested 
the new patches everything was fine. But now i can't login with openid 
anymore on typo3.org and on local machine. All looks fine, after 
redirect i only see TYPO3 warning:

Login-error or session timed-out
No user logged in! Sorry, I can't proceed then!

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If your session has just timed-out, you may
click here to re-login.

vg Steffen

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