[TYPO3-english] [TYPO3] Use Template From Another Location (Freesite)

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Tue Feb 9 09:50:57 CET 2010

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Absender:   Scotty C
Datum:       09.02.2010 09:29:
> Peter,
> First of all, thank you so much for going out of your way to put that together for me! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. 
> I unzipped the package and the extension files look the same as what I have currently. Did you mean for me to install it on a server to recreate the tree structure? 
> Upon review of the documentation (translation: reading between the lines), it appears the solution can be found in the TS constant field of the template section of the "DUMMY PAGE ARCHIVE" page, and I believe that can only be found in the database of a running install?
> Your additional guidance would be appreciated - thanks in advance,
> -Scott.

did you install the freesite extension? This should give you what is 
required. BUT please understand: I haven't touched this for more than 6 


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uon GbR

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