[TYPO3-english] Powermail : add select field to form wich is filled with value from fe_users table

jochem nabuurs jochem at roquin.nl
Fri Feb 5 15:37:27 CET 2010

Hi list,

I'm looking for a way to add a select box (YES, a select box) to a 
powermail form, which is prefilled with fe_user data.

I've extended the fe_users table with a custom field (lets call that 
field XX for now). This field is of type text and contains a list of 
projectcodes, separated by a newline character.

What I'd like to do is to load the projectcodes which belong to this 
user into the select box. This way, a logged in user can select a 
projectcode which he/she has a question.

What I've done:
* created a powermail with fieldsets and fields
* added a field "projectcode" of type "Select box" to a fieldset
* set the "fe_user field" select box to field XX

The above should work but it doesn't. It DOES work when I change the 
type to "Textarea".

Can anybody help me with this?
Maybe its solvable though the use of a hook (but I'm not that familiar 
with hooks).

Thanks in advance,

Jochem Nabuurs
ROQUIN E-Solutions

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