[TYPO3-english] Tricky RealURL problem

Ulrich Lorenz PHZ Luzern lorenz.ulrich at phz.ch
Thu Feb 4 23:35:02 CET 2010

Hi there

One part of one of our installations has both German and English
language. It was required to have a link to the English version in the
German menu as well as a link back to the German version in the English
translation. So I have built the structure as follows:

- Zentrum Menschenrechtsbildung (pagetype "External URL" to German page
URL, is only displayed in English language by condition)
- Zentrum Menschenrechtsbildung (the actual page containing both the
english and german language)
- Centre of Human Rights Education (pagetype "External URL" to English
page URL, is only displayed in German language by condition)

As we're using RealURL I have manually set path paths the prevent

- Zentrum Menschenrechtsbildung (External URL) has pagepath "zmrb"
- Zentrum Menschenrechtsbildung (the actual page) has (automatically
assigned) pagepath "zentrum-menschenrechtsbildung", overlay
-- multiple subpages
- Centre of Human Rights Education (External URL) has pathpath "chre"

To this point everything worked fine... until... I added a new subpage.
Adding a new subpage seems to distract RealURL. As soon as I add a new
page I get a 404 error from this new subpage. After deleting this
External URL stuff everything works again (but does not match my
requirements) and it continues working even after re-adding these
external URLs. But our poweruser editors need the freedom to add pages
at will.

Has anyone here the same strange requirement and a working solution?
Maybe there's a better way to achieve the same or maybe it's just not
possible. But after working with TYPO3 for quite some time I still found
everything to be possible somehow...

If someone wants to test the behavior, you may do it on

Thanks and regards,


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