[TYPO3-english] T3BLOG questions

Bas Heutink webdesign at inbalanshasselt.nl
Tue Aug 24 10:33:12 CEST 2010

Hello list,

Since last week I started  installing T3BLOG as a blog on our site. I 
have a few questions about T3BLOG.

 >> Show first content element (cropped) in widget "latestpostsnav"
The widget "latestpostsnav" shows only the title of the blog post. I 
would also like to show the text of the first content element (cropped) 
(and the number of comments) in "the widget "latestpostsnav". However I 
can't get this done.

I read this code in the widget "bloglist":

20 {
if.isTrue.field = contentUids
10 < styles.content.get
10.select.andWhere.dataWrap = irre_parenttable = 'tx_t3blog_post' AND 
irre_parentid = {field:uid} AND uid in ( {field:contentUids} )

Probably this is a starting point.

 >> Archive widget always completely unfolded
The archive widget is always completely unfolded. Every year and every 
month. Can this be changed?

Thanks in advance!



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