[TYPO3-english] migrating T3 4.4

Erdal Gök comm at webcan.de
Fri Aug 20 09:36:52 CEST 2010

Hi Douglas,

Am 20.08.2010 07:00, schrieb Douglas La Farge:
> I work for a company that has done (now) dozens of sites developed in Typo3. Up until now we've been using 4.2.
> Typically what we do is take an existing site and migrate it to a new server.  We don't just take the site but rather the entire Virtual (Server) Environment (VE).
What over changes are valid: os, php-version...?

> We just did this with a 4.4 install and I'm finding that it "isn't working".
Did you copy a somewhere working 4.4 to this new environment or did you 
copy a 4.2 instance (mentioned above) and make an upgrade to 4.4 at the 
new place?

> I'm getting this error:
> Safari can’t open the page “http://somedomain.com/typo3/index.php” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again."
> Now I've uploaded a simple index.html file to that server and it responds just fine so there is nothing apparently wrong with apache.  So I'm suspecting that typo3 4.4 has a configuration or setting somewhere that is causing this error.  I've gone through localconf.php but don't see anything in there that is suspect.   I've also wiped away the temp_* files.
That is a first step, the second should be to test a .php-file.

> Does Typo3 4.4 have the server IP address configured somewhere?  is there another setting that needs to get wiped clean for Typo3 to run happily under a new IP address? Other ideas that might keep this from running?
David gave a try to this.

Good luck

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