[TYPO3-english] Show every submenu of a page

Rainer Fischinger r.fischinger at precom.at
Wed Aug 11 15:18:11 CEST 2010

Or you mean something like this. This is a main menu with (only) the root level and a submenu which only shows the child of the actual root level! The <div> of the child will only be shown if there are child-elements availiable (stdWrap.required=1)! Menu is tested and working (with TemplaVoila).

lib.menu = HMENU
	entryLevel = 0
	1 = TMENU
	1.NO = 1

lib.sidemenu = HMENU
	1 = TMENU
	stdWrap.wrap =<div class="sidemenu">|</div>
	1.NO = 1

> I am building a template and I would need to show the first level 
> child subpages of the current. Is it possible. How can I do this?

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