[TYPO3-english] RC2: What is the csc-default frame for?

Tyler Kraft tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 16:44:33 CET 2009


> Hi Tyler,
> please read my post correctly as it says:
>  >> But IMHO upgrading an extisting installation should NEVER add
>  >> something to content by default
> If a admin is asked to confirm a version switch this is fine with me. 
> But I haven't had time to test upgrading existing site to version 4.3.
> Peter.

I did read it correctly, I just disagree with you ;-)

To me that is a bit like saying that X should ever only give you the 
output or results that you desired as soon as it's installed or 
upgraded, and nothing that requires you to amend or alter it in any way.

Would you really expect to confirm every little thing that might 
slightly change the installation behaviour when you upgrade? You have 
the choice to either upgrade it or not and you should make that decision 
as an informed admin. Surely the mere act of deciding to upgrade is 
confirmation isn't it?

I was merely pointing out the fact that IMO this is documented and 
discussed some time ago and that there are means to alter its behaviour 
either for that one instance through typoscript or globally through a 

Just my 2p

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