[TYPO3-english] RC2: What is the csc-default frame for?

Philipp Holdener philipp at holdener.ch
Fri Nov 27 07:48:09 CET 2009

Francois Suter schrieb:
> Hi,
>> For what is this default frame
>> <div .. class="csc-default"...>
>> ?
>> I have a lot of HTML CE that are puting some html code together --> 
>> this are wrapped with this default frame too. That makes my code 
>> invalid :(
> The default wrap around each content element, defined in 
> tt_content.stdWrap.innerWrap has been changed thoroughly in 4.3. It now 
> handles the "space before" and "space after" properties as well as 
> rendering div's around each content element according to the "section 
> frame" property. Before 4.3, there was no default.
> Now the thing is that css_styled_content was split in 4.3. It used to 
> provide a single, huge static TS file. There are now several such files, 
> one for each compatibility version and no more TS conditions all over 
> the place. This makes such files much cleaner although it's a bit harder 
> to maintain (as changes have to be replicated on all files, if relevant).
> So there are two ways for you to change the current situation:
> 1) you can go back to the 4.2 (or older) renderings, by including a 
> different static template from css_styled_content. You can choose v3.8, 
> v3.9 (actually = TYPO3 4.0) or v4.2, instead of the default from 4.3.
> 2) you can keep the static template from 4.3 and change the rendering by 
> toying with tt_content.stdWrap.innerWrap.
> I know this change should have been advertised more openly, but we (Core 
> devs) are doing our best. It *is* documented in the NEWS.txt file. 
> Actually every TYPO3 admin should read this file when upgrading, because 
> it is the one reference about all changes.

Hello everybody

Thanks for your feedback!
I think its a good thing.. but NOT for HTML CE!


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