[TYPO3-english] RC2: What is the csc-default frame for?

Tyler Kraft tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk
Thu Nov 26 17:43:37 CET 2009

It was added as a default wrap (v4.2 I believe) in css_styled_content 
and it also handles the above/below spacing of elements using css. 
Previously this was done using spacer gifs and/or empty div tags which 
many people did not like. So this was deemed a better solution.

If you just do this:
tt_content.stdWrap.innerWrap >

you will remove the wrapping of elements using the content frame 
selector and also the ability to add space above or below a content item.

Perhaps the better thing to do is use TSOB and remove it only for html 
content items that have a certain frame selected.


Loek Hilgersom wrote:
> Hi Philipp,
> I'm not sure why this extra wrapper has been added as a default (I can 
> think of some reasons, I often add a wrapper like this for styling 
> content records no matter what type).
> You can remove it by adding this to your TS template setup:
> tt_content.stdWrap.innerWrap >
> Cheers,
> Loek
> Philipp Holdener wrote:
>> Hello
>> For what is this default frame
>> <div .. class="csc-default"...>
>> ?
>> I have a lot of HTML CE that are puting some html code together --> 
>> this are wrapped with this default frame too. That makes my code 
>> invalid :(
>> How can I stop this?
>> Greetings
>> Philipp

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