[TYPO3-english] IE links problem

Igor Mitev igor at freshdesign.com.mk
Mon Nov 16 15:06:37 CET 2009


I'm using FC elements as a page teaser which generates the following code:

<div class="person1"

        <div class="person_image"><a
><img src="typo3temp/pics/87aea3dbc2.jpg" width="133" height="179" alt=""
title="" /></a></div>

        <div class="person_name">Tomislav Dzhekov, PhD</div>

        <div class="person_position">Professor</div>

        <div class="person_detail_row">

            <div class="person_detail_label">Office:</div>

            <div class="person_detail_content">316, second floor</div>


        <div class="person_detail_row">

            <div class="person_detail_label">Phone:</div>

            <div class="person_detail_content">070 396 672</div>


        <div class="person_detail_row">

            <div class="person_detail_label">E-mail:</div>

class="person_detail_content">tomislav.dzekov at eurm.edu.mk</div>




I didn't want to go with links on the image and name only, that is why I
created the holder link so you can click the whole box. It's working as
intended in all  browsers except for Internet Explorer (tested it in 7 and
8). Instead of linking to
faculties/faculty-of-informatics/staff/teachers/tomislav-dzhekov.html it
doubles the URL to

If you click the image it all works fine.

I'm using cooluri 1.0.16.

DS - holder:

10 = TEXT

10.typolink.parameter.current = 1

10.typolink.returnLast = url

10.wrap = window.open(' | ','_self') - holder

DS - image:

10 = IMAGE

10.file.import = uploads/tx_templavoila/

10.file.import.current = 1

10.file.import.listNum = 0

10.file.maxW = 133

10.stdWrap.typolink.parameter.field = field_person_listing_link

Has anyone had this IE problem before? I would appreciate any suggestions
how to solve this one.




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