Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Sun Nov 15 04:05:35 CET 2009

Hi All

I was asked to prepare a presentation on how schools from Kindergarten up to
Highschools could use TYPO3 and what extensions are available in TYPO3
especially for schools.

As the TER is a bit difficult to search for such a specific theme I would
like to ask anybody who knows about an extension which could be useful
especially in a school surrounding to post it here and give a short
explanation why it would be useful and if possible a live example, so that
those governmental decision makers can experience it in a real school

Anything from Administrating a school up to building up Websites for each
Classroom and eLearning stuff could be useful to motivate the decisionmakers
to switch to TYPO3 instaed of using other applications - mostly more than
one at the time.

Administrating a school
School Library Management
Classroom Management
Credits Management
Course Management/Presentation
Lesson Planing
Timetable Planing
Curriculum Planing
Communication with Parents / Teachers / Students
Social Sponsoring Abilities
Travel / Schooltrip Planing / Reporting
Website for the School
Website for Sub Devisions
Websites for Each Class / each Student
Food/Meal Planing presenting / Booking
Resources Management / Prebooking
Integration of Moodle
Integration of other eLearning Application
Integration of Mahara
Integration of DimDim

There are perhaps more interesting things for schools I did not mention
above. If any one has experiences it would be nice to hear about it too!

How are you using TYPO3 as a teacher, director, parent, student of a "TYPO3"
What is TYPO3 lacking, was is good for schools?

Thanks a lot for your help, you can mail me also directly if you have


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