Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Sun Nov 15 10:56:09 CET 2009

Hello Andreas,

please take a look on:


It's a project of "Sächsischer Bildungsserver" where we provide TYPO3 
for Schools. Some of the used extensions are not yet published in TER, 
feel free to contact me, if they might be usefull for you.

Best regards Kay

Andreas Becker schrieb:
> Hi All
> I was asked to prepare a presentation on how schools from Kindergarten up to
> Highschools could use TYPO3 and what extensions are available in TYPO3
> especially for schools.
> As the TER is a bit difficult to search for such a specific theme I would
> like to ask anybody who knows about an extension which could be useful
> especially in a school surrounding to post it here and give a short
> explanation why it would be useful and if possible a live example, so that
> those governmental decision makers can experience it in a real school
> settings.
> Anything from Administrating a school up to building up Websites for each
> Classroom and eLearning stuff could be useful to motivate the decisionmakers
> to switch to TYPO3 instaed of using other applications - mostly more than
> one at the time.
> Administrating a school
> School Library Management
> Classroom Management
> Credits Management
> Course Management/Presentation
> Lesson Planing
> Timetable Planing
> Curriculum Planing
> Communication with Parents / Teachers / Students
> Social Sponsoring Abilities
> Travel / Schooltrip Planing / Reporting
> Website for the School
> Website for Sub Devisions
> Websites for Each Class / each Student
> Food/Meal Planing presenting / Booking
> Resources Management / Prebooking
> Integration of Moodle
> Integration of other eLearning Application
> Integration of Mahara
> Integration of DimDim
> ...
> There are perhaps more interesting things for schools I did not mention
> above. If any one has experiences it would be nice to hear about it too!
> How are you using TYPO3 as a teacher, director, parent, student of a "TYPO3"
> school?
> What is TYPO3 lacking, was is good for schools?
> ...
> Thanks a lot for your help, you can mail me also directly if you have
> attachments!
> Andi

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