[TYPO3-english] Multiple sites on domain and subdomain

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Fri Nov 13 03:07:43 CET 2009

Hi Thomas

Could you please describe a bit more precise how to configure the Apache
server so that it does what you are mentioning. It would be nice if you
could add the code or section of the apache configuration or other files
where things need to be changed/modified. Thanks a lot!


On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 12:47 AM, Thomas "Thasmo" Deinhamer <
thasmo at gmail.com> wrote:

> You should configure your webserver (Apache) to
> serve files requested via subdomain.domain.com from
> the same directory as the (main) domain itself.
> Don't use the Redirect directive.
> A redirect won't help you, as TYPO3 doesn't
> use the referer to determine the domain - of course not.
> Greetings!
> Tomiţă MILITARU schrieb:
>  I know its Typo3, I was in a hurry I didn't know its such a big deal...
>> Anyway, as I said in the previously email it redirects, but it loads the
>> site that it is at domain.com, NOT at subdomain.domain.com as I want it.
>> Yes I use realURL and its configured.
>> Hope its clear now.
>> Thanks.
>> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 5:07 PM, Steffen Gebert
>> <steffen at steffen-gebert.de>wrote:
>>  Am 12.11.2009, 15:53 Uhr, schrieb Tomiţă MILITARU <
>>> tomita.militaru at gmail.com>:
>>>  Typo is installed in the root of domain.com
>>> What's "Typo"? Don't know it - semms to be a typo in your mail...
>>>  The subdomain redirects correctly, but typo loads the page from
>>>> domain.com
>>>> So my question is, do I have to make the redirection with another method
>>>> or > where do I go wrong?
>>>>  I don't see your problem. Think you want to redirect
>>> subdomain.domain.comto
>>> domain.com and you say it works.
>>> It doesn't matter, wheather you use .htaccess or TYPO3's domain records
>>> to
>>> redirect.
>>> Do you want to host multiple sites using different domains or only more
>>> domains pointing to one site?
>>> Do you use realurl and is it configured properly?
>>> Steffen
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