[TYPO3-english] Multiple sites on domain and subdomain

Thomas "Thasmo" Deinhamer thasmo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 18:47:45 CET 2009

You should configure your webserver (Apache) to
serve files requested via subdomain.domain.com from
the same directory as the (main) domain itself.

Don't use the Redirect directive.
A redirect won't help you, as TYPO3 doesn't
use the referer to determine the domain - of course not.


Tomiţă MILITARU schrieb:
> I know its Typo3, I was in a hurry I didn't know its such a big deal...
> Anyway, as I said in the previously email it redirects, but it loads the
> site that it is at domain.com, NOT at subdomain.domain.com as I want it.
> Yes I use realURL and its configured.
> Hope its clear now.
> Thanks.
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 5:07 PM, Steffen Gebert
> <steffen at steffen-gebert.de>wrote:
>> Am 12.11.2009, 15:53 Uhr, schrieb Tomiţă MILITARU <
>> tomita.militaru at gmail.com>:
>>  Typo is installed in the root of domain.com
>> What's "Typo"? Don't know it - semms to be a typo in your mail...
>>  The subdomain redirects correctly, but typo loads the page from
>>> domain.com
>>> So my question is, do I have to make the redirection with another method
>>> or > where do I go wrong?
>> I don't see your problem. Think you want to redirect subdomain.domain.comto
>> domain.com and you say it works.
>> It doesn't matter, wheather you use .htaccess or TYPO3's domain records to
>> redirect.
>> Do you want to host multiple sites using different domains or only more
>> domains pointing to one site?
>> Do you use realurl and is it configured properly?
>> Steffen
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