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Thu Nov 12 11:24:06 CET 2009

You know you have a BIG problem with the documentation, don't try to deny

Everybody knows what conditions are, I want to know how to do it in typo3, I
woudn't be asking this if I weren't a newbie, or maybe this is a difficult
technical question?

I have already lost too much time to argue with you about silly
things.People like you are not helping at all to prosperityof  the

2009/11/12 JoH asenau <info at cybercraft.de>

> > A ha... if I was in front of a comprehensible CMS with lots of
> > documentation I wouldn't lose my time asking to people that seem to
> > be in the list only to discourage newbies.
> How much documentation do you need?
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/
> > Probably my question would
> > be stupid in another CMS, but in Typo3 I'm in front of a stupid
> > answer. Or maybe are you thinking that the stupid is me?
> Neither the question is stupid nor the answer.
> If you had read the documentation you would have even known what
> "conditions" means and that they are the perfect way to solve your problem.
> > The only thing you will get with this answers is that people get even
> > more bored of this crap. The list is full of rude answers and unhappy
> > newbies, I haven't seen nothing like this before.
> An appropriate reaction would have been "I don't know what a condition is
> because I am a newbie" instead of complaining about rude answers and how
> bored you are of this crap - (which is again rude, isn't it?) - nobody
> knows
> you are newbie if you don't tell the people while asking. The answer was
> not
> rude but exactly pointing out  what to do.
> > PD: I am obliged to work in Typo3 in this project, but I promise this
> > will be the last I do in Typo3.
> Well - this is your decision - hopefully you find a piece of software that
> is supported by people with more clairvoyant abilities ;-)
> Cheers
> Joey
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