[TYPO3-english] Content periodicity

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu Nov 12 11:06:39 CET 2009

> A ha... if I was in front of a comprehensible CMS with lots of
> documentation I wouldn't lose my time asking to people that seem to
> be in the list only to discourage newbies.

How much documentation do you need?

> Probably my question would
> be stupid in another CMS, but in Typo3 I'm in front of a stupid
> answer. Or maybe are you thinking that the stupid is me?

Neither the question is stupid nor the answer.
If you had read the documentation you would have even known what
"conditions" means and that they are the perfect way to solve your problem.

> The only thing you will get with this answers is that people get even
> more bored of this crap. The list is full of rude answers and unhappy
> newbies, I haven't seen nothing like this before.

An appropriate reaction would have been "I don't know what a condition is
because I am a newbie" instead of complaining about rude answers and how
bored you are of this crap - (which is again rude, isn't it?) - nobody knows
you are newbie if you don't tell the people while asking. The answer was not
rude but exactly pointing out  what to do.

> PD: I am obliged to work in Typo3 in this project, but I promise this
> will be the last I do in Typo3.

Well - this is your decision - hopefully you find a piece of software that
is supported by people with more clairvoyant abilities ;-)



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