[TYPO3-english] With the new frontend editing I get a total empty screen

Daniel Doesburg daniel at typo3-nl.eu
Mon Nov 9 00:08:47 CET 2009

In version 4.3.0beta3 all problems with the error 500 are gone.

Kind regards,

Daniel Doesburg

Daniel Doesburg schreef:
> In the new version 4.3.0beta1 is a fantastic new feature, the frontend 
> editing.
> On my local machine, with the latest xampp, all things work fine.
> But on my remote Lynux server I get an total empty screen at the frontend.
> Even the source is empty.
> The only difference is, as far as I knows, the version of Apache.
> Local I've the latest version 2 and remote its a version 1.
> Can this version 1 Apache be the reason?
> Or does anyone knows where I otherwise have to search for a solution?
> Kind regards,
> Daniel Doesburg

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