[TYPO3-english] Search tt_news at the top of the page

Joko Nurjadi fountain_melody at yahoo.com.sg
Mon Nov 9 07:40:59 CET 2009


I need to create a search form for tt_news at the top of every pages, so i did this:

1. In Templavoila, i created a data element with Mapping type: element, Editing type: Typoscript Object Path, Object path: lib.mySearch. And mapped it in my template.

2. Created a element: tt_news displaying SEARCH. The id of element is: 602.

3. Added this Typoscript at template setup:

lib.mySearch= COA
  10 = RECORDS
  10.tables = tt_content 
  10.source = 602

Everything works fine until I submit a search query, it shows result below the search form instead of main content. How to direct it to main content template?

Thanks for help.


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