[TYPO3-english] Typo3 backup

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Fri Nov 6 19:11:09 CET 2009

Thomas Allmer skrev:
> Erik Svendsen wrote:
>> [...]
>> Why install an extension for something that you can script outside 
>> TYPO3  in a few minutes and where mostly all necessary code is already 
>> written.
>> The use of extra extensions has impact on performance.
>> Personally I'm backing up about 30 installations from 6 different 
>> servers on daily basis to a backup-server. The whole process is 100 % 
>> automatic.
> Does it needs console access to the server running TYPO3?
> Does it work for windows servers?
> If any of those answers is "no" I would be really interested in this 
> solution. Even if it's just the theoretical stuff, as I'm currently 
> can't get my head around how this should be possible without console...
> cheers

I suppose you know about a solution called ZMR (Zmanda Recovery Manager 
for MySql). Combined with Amanda you have a perfect solutions when you 
are working with multiple TYPO3 installations.

And it works with windows as clients (both of them). And I know ZMR 
works without shell access. Amanda need client on the server/client 
which are going to be backed up. And this needs to be installed.

Personally I'm doing like Bakshi, scripts on the backup-server (using 
scp, sftp, ssh and direct mysqlport if neccessary). As I never uses 
Windows on servers, never has installations where I don't have ssh, 
scripts are the easy way. So I'm only testing ZMR and Amanda.

My reason to ask why, is not because I don't think anybody needs an 
extension like this, but to point out easy and efficient solutions. An 
efficient solutions isn't always an extension. I think a lot of people 
with a single installation would like a solutions like this.

An inside backup solutions aren't efficient unless it's runs as a 
cronjob and push the backed up files to another server. And if not, I 
would recommend people to find other solutions.


Erik Svendsen

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