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Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Sat Nov 7 03:39:23 CET 2009


you still sound very interesting, but until now you haven't really shown -
demonstrated HOW you actually do the backup. BlaBlaBla isn't helping others.
So we would be really interested to know the steps and the scripts to see
how it is possible to manage all these backups. Please try to write a small
tutorial for the community and post it here or with a link to your
blog/tutorial site, so that the TYPO3 Community can actually see - how you
are doing it and learn from it.

It is not the matter if someone needs an extension or not it is simply the
fact that this extension is helping the community and until now all your
wording isn't helpful at all. Well there are lots of Backup solutions out
there, commercial and others but it does not make any sense to name them

Please show how you do!
Post your script with a short explanation!
Give an Example!
Inspire to share!
Get others to know about your solution!
Improve your solution by getting feedback from others!
Give people the freedom of knowing about and learning from it!


2009/11/7 Erik Svendsen <erik at linnearad.no>

> Thomas Allmer skrev:
>  Erik Svendsen wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> Why install an extension for something that you can script outside TYPO3
>>>  in a few minutes and where mostly all necessary code is already written.
>>> The use of extra extensions has impact on performance.
>>> Personally I'm backing up about 30 installations from 6 different servers
>>> on daily basis to a backup-server. The whole process is 100 % automatic.
>> Does it needs console access to the server running TYPO3?
>> Does it work for windows servers?
>> If any of those answers is "no" I would be really interested in this
>> solution. Even if it's just the theoretical stuff, as I'm currently can't
>> get my head around how this should be possible without console...
>> cheers
> I suppose you know about a solution called ZMR (Zmanda Recovery Manager for
> MySql). Combined with Amanda you have a perfect solutions when you are
> working with multiple TYPO3 installations.
> And it works with windows as clients (both of them). And I know ZMR works
> without shell access. Amanda need client on the server/client which are
> going to be backed up. And this needs to be installed.
> Personally I'm doing like Bakshi, scripts on the backup-server (using scp,
> sftp, ssh and direct mysqlport if neccessary). As I never uses Windows on
> servers, never has installations where I don't have ssh, scripts are the
> easy way. So I'm only testing ZMR and Amanda.
> My reason to ask why, is not because I don't think anybody needs an
> extension like this, but to point out easy and efficient solutions. An
> efficient solutions isn't always an extension. I think a lot of people with
> a single installation would like a solutions like this.
> An inside backup solutions aren't efficient unless it's runs as a cronjob
> and push the backed up files to another server. And if not, I would
> recommend people to find other solutions.
> Regards
> Erik Svendsen
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