[TYPO3-english] R: Problem with tipafriend_plus without sr_freecap

De Contardi Riccardo Riccardo.DeContardi at bhuman.it
Mon Nov 2 15:13:06 CET 2009

> Check also the TS for tipafriend.

TS Setup included in tipafriend_plus:

includeLibs.ts_tipafriend_plus = EXT:tipafriend_plus/pi1/class.tx_tipafriendplus_pi1.php

page.includeCSS.tipafriend_plus = EXT:tipafriend_plus/res/tipafriend_plus.css

plugin.tx_tipafriendplus_pi1 {
  userFunc = tx_tipafriendplus_pi1->main
  templateFile = {$plugin.tipafriend_plus.file.templateFile}
  typolink.parameter = {$plugin.tipafriend_plus.PIDtipForm}
  htmlMail = {$plugin.tipafriend_plus.htmlMail}
  typolink.ATagParams = {$plugin.tipafriend_plus.ATagParams}

TS Constants included:

plugin.tipafriend_plus {
    # cat=plugin.tipafriend_plus/file; type=file[html,htm,tmpl,txt]; label= Template File: HTML-template file for display of the Tip-a-Friend form
  file.templateFile = EXT:tipafriend_plus/pi1/tipafriend_plus_css.tmpl
    # cat=plugin.tipafriend_plus//; type=int+; label= PID for the Tip-form Page.
  PIDtipForm = 0
    # cat=plugin.tipafriend_plus/enable; type=boolean; label= Send page as HTML: If set, the mail is sent as an HTML mail.
  htmlMail = 0
  	# cat=plugin.tipafriend_plus/; type=string; label=Link ATagParams: Set additional parameter for the link
	ATagParams = class="tx_tipafriend_tiplink"

Suggestions? I don't see anything like "required fields etc." or something like that.


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Absender:   De Contardi Riccardo
Datum:       02.11.2009 14:48:
> Hello!
> I need urgent help about the extension tipafriend_plus 0.1.5!
> I choosed it because of its support of sr_freecap
> Now I want to remove the captcha function: according to the template, I
> should simply uninstall sr_freecap and in fact the part of the template
> drawing the captcha disappeared, but...
> If I try to submit the page I get an error: I missed a required field!!
> (You didn't fill in all required fields or the email addresses was not
> valid!)
> I've commented every line of TS regarding the captcha extension and
> cleared the page cache
> Please, help me! This is urgent!
> Many Thanks and regards
> **************************************
> Riccardo De Contardi

Check also the TS for tipafriend.

Regs. Peter.

Fiat lux! Docendo discimus.
uon GbR

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