[TYPO3-english] Need Help with Broken Contact Form

Ameen Mirdamadi ameen.mirdamadi at hmstech.com
Sun Nov 1 23:50:17 CET 2009

I am very new at working with Typo 3 and am working on our site with at
contact form.  I am using 4.1.5 on a windows server.  I am not sure if
the form ever worked before.  


The page that I am working with can be seen here:



When submitted, the site does nothing and there is nothing in the log.
Honestly, I have been working with it and am completely stumped.
Everything seems to be set up as instructed in the documentation. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Also, please tell me what other
info may be needed to analyze my problem.


Thank you,

Ameen Mirdamadi

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