[TYPO3-english] simple cookie based security

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Fri May 22 18:38:18 CEST 2009

hello janus.

the extension password from ter, does a simple password validation.
Or write an extension with the kickstarter, it should be easy. Because 
you have the code already ;)

regards Kay

janus76 schrieb:
> I have a typo3 site where the content is actually displayed within an Iframe
> of another site. To stop the typo3 site being viewed directly i have put a
> simple cookie based security feature in place.
> The iframe points to a php file which sets a cookie and then redirects to
> the typo3 site. There is a rewite condition in the .htaccess file of the
> typo3 site which detects the cookie and then displays the site. if the
> cookie is not found it redirect the user to an error page.
> Its a simple method to provide a simple form of content security without the
> need for an additional login.
> This process works fine and is perfectly ok for our needs. However, whenever
> a menu item is clicked (within the iframe) it once again check the cookie
> etc. This seems to slow the page load time down.
> Is there a way within typo3 to create some kind of check which only does
> this once? i.e some kind of globalvar? Or is there an extension that does
> this.
> I'm sure some fancy typoscript could sort this out, but I am just not too
> sure where to being.
> I hope this make sense.
> Any help with this would be most appreciated.
> All the best
> Janus

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